Kathy Patton and Geoff Gunn Eagle Scout Project Grant Fund

Announcing the formation of the "Kathy Patton and Geoff Gunn Eagle Scout Project Grant Fund," launched in 2019 with a generous donation from the Dunn and Lapides families. This fund is designed to support Scouts in pursuit of funding their Eagle Project. Contribute to All Troop Eagle Projects with ONE Annual Payment.

This Eagle Scout Project Fund will be supported by donations from LVSAA members, scout families, local BSA units, and the community – anyone who would like to leave the distribution of funds to the Association. With Troop 127 Life Scouts conducting so many Eagle projects, this fund will distribute funds directly to the Eagle Scouts.  Eagle Scout donors only need to write ONE CHECK or pay ONCE with a credit card during the annual campaign to the LVSAA which adds up to what your annual contribution to Eagle projects would be. Plus, your tax reporting will be with one tax ID number (LVSAA), rather than multiple nonprofit tax ID numbers.

The following requirements are in place for Eagle Scout candidates who wish to request a donation from this fund:

1) Scouts from LVSAA-chartered member units are eligible; 2) funds will be available for Council-approved Eagle projects; 3) a solicitation letter, consistent with current Eagle-project solicitation letters, must be submitted to the LVSAA; 4) as of 2023, each Eagle candidate meeting the aforementioned requirements will receive up to $150 or 10% of projected cost of the project.

As the fund grows, a higher amount will be possible.


What is the benefit to me by donating to the fund versus donating to the scouts directly?

  1. A single tax ID number instead of many will make income tax preparation easier.
  2. This ensures you donate to all Eagle projects for the year.

Can I donate at any time of the year or only during specified campaign months?

Donations for this fund are welcomed at any time. CLICK HERE to use your credit card or Paypal account. Or mail your check to: LVSAA, PO Box 335, Agoura Hills, CA 91376.  Write “Eagle Fund” in memo.

Do I have to contribute a specific amount or can I donate at any level?

You may donate whatever amount you’d like. Each scout will receive from the Association up to $150 or 10% of the projected cost of their project. As the fund grows, a higher amount will be possible.

How will my donation be acknowledged?

  1. You will receive a thank you letter from the Association which can also be used for tax purposes.
  2. Donors will be listed on the Fund’s page on the Association’s website (no dollar amount – just names). LVScoutingAlum.org.

If you wish to be listed as “anonymous”, let us know at [email protected].

After donating to the fund, will I continue to receive donation letters from the scouts?

Yes. It is your choice to contribute directly to the scout in addition to the Association.

Can I also donate to a scout directly, in addition to donating to the fund?


How does the Scout know I already donated to their project through the Association?

By visiting the Association’s website, the scout will know who has contributed to the fund.

If I donate to the fund and not directly to the scout, how will I know the result of the Eagle project?

When the Association receives the wrap up letter from each scout, we will email a copy to all fund donors.


Other questions? Contact the Association at [email protected]. Want to donate now? CLICK HERE.

Donors to the Kathy Patton and Geoff Gunn Eagle Scout Project Grant Fund

Alan & Teresa Dunn,   Amy Gulbrandson,        Steve Jacobson,  Ira & Melissa Lapides,   Roy Sherman,                                    Ellie & Jan Winnerkrans